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A5199 shield

The A5199 through Welford indicating why the double-digit A50 was downgraded to four-digit
Major junctions
North end: City of Leicester (Freemen's)
  A594 A594 road
A563 A563 road
A4304 A4304 road
A14 A14 road Junction 1
A508 A508 road
South end: Kingsthorpe, Northampton Borough
Leicester, Northampton
Road network

The A5199 road is the direct road from Northampton to Leicester in England. It was formerly part of the A50 trunk road that ran from Bedfordshire to Lancashire. For most of its length it is known as the Welford Road, except for small stretches near Welford where it is known as High Street and Northampton Road.

As its course is broadly parallel and near to the M1 motorway it is very much lacking in modern features such as bypasses which is why it was classified downwards when the A14 road, which it crosses at Junction 1, was built as a link between the M1/M6 junction and the East Coast ports.

Settlements on the A5199[edit]

The road commences in the Freemen's district of inner city Leicester at the junction with the A594 Leicester Central Ring.

North to South

City of Leicester



It terminates at a junction with the A508 in the Northampton suburb of Kingsthorpe.

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Coordinates: 52°26′36″N 1°03′27″W / 52.4434°N 1.05739°W / 52.4434; -1.05739