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A560 shield

Route information
Length: 17 mi (27 km)
Major junctions
West end: Altrincham, Greater Manchester
A523 A523 road.

A538 A538 road
A5144 A5144 road
A5103 A5103 road
[ M 56  ] M56 motorway

A34 A34 road
A5149 A5149 road
A5145 A5145 road
A6 A6 road
A626 A626 road
A6107 A6107 road
A627 A627 road
East end: A57 A57 road
Hattersley, Tameside
Timperley, Gatley, Stockport, Woodley,
Road network

The A560 is a primary route that runs from the A56 in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, to Hattersley, Tameside following a complex route that involves Primary Route, non-primary route, single and dual carriage way, some complex motorway junctions and, at one point, carriageways running on both sides of the M56 Motorway.