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A6003 shield

Route information
Length: 21 mi (34 km)
Major junctions
South end: A14 road near Kettering
52°22′31″N 0°41′01″W / 52.3752°N 0.6835°W / 52.3752; -0.6835 (A6003 road (southern end))
  A14 A14 road Junction 10
A4300 A4300 road
A43 A43 road
A6014 A6014 road
A427 A427 road
A6116 A6116 road
A47 A47 road
A606 A606 road
North end: Oakham
52°40′02″N 0°42′48″W / 52.6672°N 0.7134°W / 52.6672; -0.7134 (A6003 road (northern end))
Kettering, Corby, Uppingham, Oakham
Road network

The A6003 is an A-class road in England, linking Kettering in Northamptonshire with Corby and Oakham, the latter in Rutland. The road briefly enters Leicestershire between the villages of Rockingham and Caldecott. The road forms the principal link between Corby and the rest of Northamptonshire, as well as between Rutland and Northamptonshire. The entire length of the road is 21 miles (34 km).


The road starts at junction 10 of the A14, heading past Wicksteed Park and into Kettering. Through the town it is a single carriageway until crossing the A43 at a signal-controlled roundabout. From here it passes an industrial development and heads north towards Corby. The stretch between the A43 and the A6014 road in Corby is the only length of dual carriageway on the route. As at July 2012 a bypass is under construction from Barford Bridge on the A6003 to the A43 west of Stanion to relieve the traffic on the single carriageway passing through Geddington on the A43.[1][2] Skirting the edge of Corby, the road passes the Eyebrook Reservoir before crossing the A47 at a roundabout at Uppingham. North of here it passes Rutland Water before arriving at Oakham, where a new bypass has been constructed.

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Coordinates: 52°32′11″N 0°43′22″W / 52.5364°N 0.7228°W / 52.5364; -0.7228 (A6003 road)