A6108 road

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A6108 road shield

A6108 road
Major junctions
North end: Scotch Corner
54°26′32″N 1°40′15″W / 54.4422°N 1.6709°W / 54.4422; -1.6709 (A6108 road (northern end))
  A1 A1 road
A61 A61 road
A66 A66 road
A684 A684 road
A6136 A6136 road
South end: Ripon
54°08′37″N 1°30′49″W / 54.1436°N 1.5135°W / 54.1436; -1.5135 (A6108 road (southern end))
Road network

The A6108 road is an A road in North Yorkshire, England. It runs from Scotch Corner passing through Richmond where it meets the A6136 road to Catterick and entering the border of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, then it enters Leyburn at a junction with the A684 road to Bedale and Hawes, it continues south eastwards following the River Ure passing through Masham and eventually ending at Ripon, where it joins the A61 road north east bound to Thirsk.

Major settlements on the road[edit]

Coordinates: 54°16′58″N 1°47′20″W / 54.2827°N 1.7889°W / 54.2827; -1.7889 (A6108 road)