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A640 shield

Major junctions
West end: Rochdale
53°36′41″N 2°09′49″W / 53.6114°N 2.1637°W / 53.6114; -2.1637 (A640 road (western end))
  A58 A58 road
A671 A671 road
A664 A664 road
[ M 62  ] M62 motorway
A663 A663 road
A672 A672 road
A6052 A6052 road
A643 A643 road
A62 A62 road
East end: Huddersfield
53°38′49″N 1°47′16″W / 53.6470°N 1.7878°W / 53.6470; -1.7878 (A640 road (eastern end))
Road network

The A640 is a road in England which runs between Rochdale in Greater Manchester and Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

The Rochdale terminus is the junction of Drake Street and Manchester Road (A58). From here, the road runs eastward through Newbold, Belfield, Firgrove, Milnrow, Newhey, Ogden, Denshaw, Buckstones, Deanhead, Scammonden, Outlane and in Huddersfield (Salendine Nook, Oakes and Marsh, before meeting the A62 at Huddersfield's town centre ring road.)

The road is often closed during periods of snow due to its remote nature. This cuts off the non-motorway route from Huddersfield to Manchester.

Coordinates: 53°37′08″N 1°59′19″W / 53.6190°N 1.9886°W / 53.6190; -1.9886 (A640 road)