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The A6 is a highway in Zimbabwe running from Beitbridge to Gwanda and Bulawayo.[1][2][3]

A6 Highway runs from Bulawayo through Esigodini, Mulungwane, Mbalabala, Gwanda, West Nicholson, Makado, Mazunga to Beitbridge. It is part of the Trans-African Highway network

R9 Highway (Zimbabwe) is part of the Trans-African Highway


There is one makor junction. The A9 Road (Zimbabwe) to Mutare via Masvingo branches left at Mbalabala just past the 61 km peg (61.3 km). (71 km from city centre) [4]

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Coordinates: 21°42′59″S 29°51′46″E / 21.7164°S 29.8627°E / -21.7164; 29.8627