A7 highway (Lithuania)

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A7 marker

Route information
Part of
Length 42.21 km (26.23 mi)
Major junctions
From Marijampolė
To Kybartai
Russia Russia
A229 highway
Major cities Vilkaviškis, Virbalis, Kybartai
Highway system
Lithuanian road system
International E-road network

The A7 highway is a highway in Lithuania (Magistralinis kelias). It connects Marijampolė and Russian border (Kaliningrad Oblast) near Kybartai. From there, the road continues to Kaliningrad. The length of the road is 42.21 km. Major cities near the road are Vilkaviškis, Virbalis and Kybartai.

The speed limit along most of the road length is 90 km/h. It is one of two of the most important land roads to Kaliningrad Oblast from Lithuanian side. The other one is E77 (A12 highway in Lithuania) that crosses border near Pagėgiai.

This route is a part of International E-road network (part of European route E28).