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A836 road shield

A836 road
Major junctions
South end: Tain
  A9 A9 road
A949 A949 road
A837 A837 road
A839 A839 road
A838 A838 road
A897 A897 road
A9 A9 road
A99 A99 road
North end: John o' Groats
Thurso, John o' Groats
Road network

The A836 road is entirely within the Highland area of Scotland, and 129 miles (208 km) long.

It branches from the A9 near Tain and runs generally north through Bonar Bridge and Lairg, until Tongue. Between Lairg and Tongue the road is single track for 38 miles (61 km). At Tongue the road turns east, following the north coast, passing through Thurso, and eventually ending at John o' Groats, where it meets the A99.

Although the road starts in Ross and Cromarty and ends in Caithness, the majority of its length is in Sutherland.

Towns, villages and junctions[edit]

The A836 runs through or near towns and villages listed below. Junctions listed are with other classified roads.

  • Near Lairg, A838, NC573099
    • This A838 junction is about one mile (2 km) north of Lairg. The A838 runs generally northwest, then generally north to Durness and then generally east to rejoin the A836 at Tongue.
  • Tongue, A838, NC594579
    • From Tongue the A838 runs generally west/northwest to Durness and then southwest and southeast back to the A836 near Lairg. At Tongue the A836 turns to run generally east.
  • Near Bettyhill, B871, NC711576
    • The B871 junction is in Strathnaver, about 3 miles (5 km) short of Bettyhill, the B871 runs generally south to Davina Lodge and then generally east/southeast to the A897 at Kinbrace.
  • Thurso, B874, ND116683
    • From the A836/A9 in central Thurso the B874 leads generally south towards Halkirk.
  • Thurso, A9, ND119681
    • East of the River Thurso the road regains its own identity and is there linked south by the A9 to the A836 itself near Tain, and to Inverness, Perth and Falkirk.


The North Coast 500 scenic route runs along part of the A836.

Coordinates: 58°19′36″N 4°25′51″W / 58.32662°N 4.43075°W / 58.32662; -4.43075