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A84 shield

A84 road map.jpg
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Major junctions
North end: Stirling
56°07′38″N 3°56′16″W / 56.1273°N 3.9379°W / 56.1273; -3.9379 (A84 road (southeastern end))
South end: Lochearnhead
56°23′07″N 4°17′15″W / 56.3854°N 4.2874°W / 56.3854; -4.2874 (A84 road (northwestern end))
Stirling, Callander, Lochearnhead
Road network

The A84 is a major road in Scotland, United Kingdom. It links the city of Stirling with Lochearnhead, running an approximate 28 miles (45 km).

Road safety[edit]

The A84 between M9 Junction 10 and Lochearnhead has a poor road safety record, according to EuroRAP. In its June 2008 GB Tracking Results, the Road Safety Foundation reported that the 44 km single carriageway stretch featured 29 fatal and serious injury accidents between 2003 and 2005.[1]


Coordinates: 56°14′19″N 4°11′46″W / 56.2385°N 4.1960°W / 56.2385; -4.1960 (A84 road)