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Autostrada A8 shield}}

Autostrada A8
Autostradowa Obwodnica Wrocławia (AOW)
Route information
Part of
Maintained by GDDKiA
Length22.6 km (14.0 mi)
Major junctions
FromS8 S8 - south-western side of Wrocław
 A4 A4 - SW side of Wrocław

"Lotnisko" junction - Copernicus Airport Wrocław access

S5 S5 - north side of Wrocław
ToS8 S8 - NE side of Wrocław
Major citiesWrocław
Highway system
National roads in Poland

The A8 motorway (Polish: Autostradowa Obwodnica Wrocławia, abbreviated AOW) or Wrocław Motorway Bypass or Autostrada A8 is a 26.8-kilometre (16.7 mi) motorway bypass of the city of Wrocław, Poland. The motorway includes the 122-metre (400 ft) high Rędziński Bridge over the Oder river.

Initial plans of the A8 motorway ran the entire route between Wrocław and Łódź, with a southern portion of the road continuing towards the Czech Republic to provide access to Prague. In 2000, the motorway was truncated to its current length bypassing the western and northern portions of Wroclaw. In the future, the connection to Warsaw will be provided by the lower standard Expressway S8. During the campaign for the 2007 parliamentary elections, the Civic Platform party pledged to upgrade the connection to motorway standard, thus extending the A8 motorway. However, after forming a government following its victory, the party abandoned the idea, explaining that the required changes in planning would unacceptably delay the construction by many years.[1]

The motorway opened to traffic on 31 August 2011.[2]

On 1 September 2011, the Ministry of Infrastructure published draft regulation on the motorway's tolling. According to the ministry, the A8 motorway will not be subject to tolling for motorists.[3]

Route description[edit]

Number of exit Name Crossed roads Mileage from beginning History of construction Notes
1) (unsigned) Wrocław Południe S8-PL.svg

A4-PL.svg DK5-PL.svg

0 km Works started in 2008. Opened on 5 May 2011 Terminus
Begin of 6-lane stretch
2) (unsigned) Wrocław Zachód DW347-PL.svg 2.5 km (1.55 mi)
3) (unsigned) Wrocław Lotnisko Graniczna street 6.7 km (4.16 mi)
4) (unsigned) Wrocław Stadion DK94-PL.svg DW356-PL.svg 9.9 km (6.15 mi) Works started in 2008. Opened on 31 August 2011
Most Rędziński Centre at 13.1 km (8.14 mi)
  • Highest pylon bridge in Poland - 122 m in height
  • Fourth biggest concrete bridge in the world
  • Bridge length is 1749 m
5) (unsigned) Wrocław Północ S5-PL.svg 17.6 km (10.94 mi) End of 6-lane stretch, begin of 4-lane stretch
6) (unsigned) Wrocław Psie Pole DK98-PL.svg S8-PL.svg 22.6 km (14.04 mi) Works started in 2008. Opened on 15 July 2011. Terminus
End of 4-lane stretch
The motorway is not subject to tolling. Total price of completion: 3.9 bln zł (approx. €940 mln). Average price per km: €41.59 mln.


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