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A9 shield}}

Location of the A9 in Switzerland
Route information
Length: 230 km (140 mi)
Major junctions
From: French border
To: Italian border
Highway system

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The A9 motorway, an Autobahn in western Switzerland, is a divided highway connecting from Ballaigues (in northwest) to southwestern Switzerland.[1] It is part of the National Road N9.[2]

It is double-tracked as a divided highway (directionally separated) in most sections. The N9/A9 runs from Ballaigues on the French border via Vevey, Sion, Brig on the Simplon Pass up to Gondo on the Italian border. The line Sierre-Gamsen is still under construction and not passable. The construction of this 31-kilometre (19 mi) line will cost 2270 million CHF: it is funded at 4% by the Canton of Valais and at 96% by the Swiss federal government.

Major engineering works[edit]

The following are major construction projects underway along A9:

  • Sierre-Gamsen-VS line

Junction list[edit]

Hauptstrasse N9

AB-AZ.svg (1) Ballaigues
AB-AZ.svg (2) Les Clées
AB-AZ.svg (3) Orbe
AB-Vzw.svg (4) Junction Essert-Pittet A1
AB-AS.svg (5) Chavornay
(Rest area) Bavois
AB-AS.svg (6) La Sarraz
AB-AS.svg (7) Cossonay
AB-Vzw.svg (8) Junction Villars-Ste-Croix A1
AB-AS.svg (9) Lausanne-Blécherette
AB-AS.svg (10)  Lausanne-Vennes
AB-Tunnel.svg Belmont (375 m)
AB-AS.svg (11) Belmont
AB-Vzw.svg (12) Junction La Croix
AB-Tank.svg AB-Rast.svg Lavaux
AB-Tunnel.svg Chauderon (210 m)
AB-Tunnel.svg Criblette (275 m)
AB-Tunnel.svg Flonzaley (715 m)
AB-AS.svg (13) Chexbres
AB-Vzw.svg (14) Junction La Veyre
AB-AS.svg (15) Vevey
AB-AS.svg (15) Montreux
(Rest area) Le Pertit
AB-Tunnel.svg Glion (1345 m)
AB-AS.svg (16) Villeneuve
AB-Tank.svg AB-Rast.svg Le Chablais
AB-AS.svg (17) Aigle
AB-AS.svg (18) Saint-Triphon
AB-AS.svg (19) Bex
AB-Tunnel.svg Arzillier (410 m)
AB-AS.svg (20) Saint-Maurice
(Rest area) Cime de l'Est
AB-Tank.svg AB-Rast.svg Grand-St-Bernard
AB-AS.svg (21) Martigny-Fully
AB-Vzw.svg (22) Junction Grand Saint-Bernard
(Rest area) Pierre-Avoi
AB-AS.svg (23) Saxon
AB-AS.svg (24) Riddes
(Rest area) Ardon
AB-AS.svg (25) Conthey
(Rest area) Aproz
AB-AS.svg (26) Sion-Ouest
AB-AS.svg (27) Sion-Est
(Rest area) Rue des Maréches
AB-AS.svg (28) Sierre-Ouest
AB-Tunnel.svg Ancien-Sierre - Plantzette (580 m)
AB-Tunnel.svg Géronde (370 m)
AB-AS.svg (29) Sierre-Est
Autobahn end

AB-Tunnel.svg Gorwetsch (1705 m) - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Ermitage (380 m) - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Pfyngut (2115 m) - in work (2016)
AB-AS.svg Leuk, Susten-West - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Susten (2070 m) - in work (2016)
AB-AS.svg Leuk, Susten-Ost - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Turtmann (1150 m) - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Flugplatz Turtmann (190 m) - in work (2016)
AB-AS.svg Steg, Gampel-West - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Riedberg (510 m) - in work (2016)
AB-AS.svg Steg, Gampel-Ost - in work (2016)
AB-AS.svg Raron - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Raron (920 m) - in work (2016)
AB-AS.svg Visp-West - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Schwarzer Graben (2900 m) - in work (2016)
AB-AS.svg Vispertal - in work (2016)
AB-Tunnel.svg Staldbach-Grosshus (4290 m) - in work (2016)

Autobahn end
AB-AS.svg Visp-Ost
AB-Tunnel.svg Gamsen (1021 m)
AB-Vzw.svg (34) Junction Brig-Glis
AB-Tunnel.svg Gstipf (215 m)
AB-AS.svg (35) Junction Brig-Zentrum
AB-AS.svg (36) Junction Ried-Brig
Autobahn end

Hauptstrasse N9


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Coordinates: 46°25′33″N 6°55′48″E / 46.425833°N 6.929884°E / 46.425833; 6.929884