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The Australian Film Institute Award for Best Achievement in Sound is awarded yearly by the Australian Film Institute for excellence in sound editing. The award was first distributed in 1977 with the first winner being William Anderson for the film Don's Party.[1]


1977: Don's PartyWilliam Anderson

1978: The Last Wave – Don Connelly, Greg Bell, Phil Judd

1979: Mad Max – Gary Wilkins, Bryon Kennedy, Roger Savage, Ned Dawson


1980: Breaker Morant – Gary Wilkins, William Anderson, Jeanine Chialvo, Phil Judd

1981: Gallipoli – Don Connelly, Greg Bell, Peter Fenton

1982: Mad Max 2Roger Savage, Bruce Lamshed, Byron Kennedy, Lloyd Carrick, Mark van Buuren, P. Robinson, Andrew Stewart

1983: Phar Lap – Peter Burgess, Peter Fenton, Phil Heywood, Ron Purvis, Terry Rodman, Gary Wilkins

1984: Streethero – Gary Wilkins, Mark Wasiutak, Roger Savage, Bruce Lamshed, Terry Rodman, David Harrison

1985 Rebel – Mark Lewis, Penn Robinson, Julian Ellingworth Jim Taig

1986 Malcolm – Roger Savage, Craig Carter, Dean Gawen Paul Clark

1987 Ground Zero – Gary Wilkins, Mark Wasiutak, Roger Savage Livia Ruzic, Craig Carter

1988 The Lighthorsemen – Lloyd Carrick, Craig Carter, Peter Burgess James Currie, Phil Heywood, Peter D. Wood

1989 Dead Calm – Ben Osmo, Lee Smith, Roger Savage


1990: Blood Oath – Ben Osmo, Gethin Creagh,Roger Savage

1991: Dingo – Henri Morelle, Ashley Grenville, James Currie

1992: Romper Stomper – Steve Burgess, David Lee, Frank Lipson

1993: The Piano – Lee Smith, Tony Johnson, Gethin Creagh Peter Townsend, Annabelle Sheehan

1994: Muriel's Wedding – David Lee, Glenn Newnham, Livia Ruzic Roger Savage

1995: Metal Skin – Frank Lipson, David Lee, Steve Burgess Peter Burgess, Glenn Newnham

1996: Shine – Toivo Lember, Roger Savage Livia Ruzic, Gareth Vanderhope

1997: Kiss or Kill – Gethin Creagh, Toivo Lember Wayne Pashley

1998: Oscar and Lucinda – Andrew Plain, Ben Osmo Gethin Creagh

1999: In a Savage Land – Toivo Lember, Gethin Creagh Peter Smith, Wayne Pashley


2000: Bootmen – David Lee, Laurence Maddy, Andrew Plain, Ian McLaughlin

2001: Moulin Rouge! – Andy Nelson, Roger Savage Guntis Sics

2002: Rabbit-Proof Fence – Bronwyn Murphy, Craig Carter Ian McLoughlin, John Penders

2003: Japanese Story – Livia Ruzic, Peter Grace Peter Smith

2004: Somersault – Mark Blackwell, Peter Smith Sam Petty

2005: Little Fish – Sam Petty, Peter Grace, Robert Sullivan, Yulia Akerholt

2006: Ten Canoes – James Currie, Tom Heuzenroeder, Michael Bakaloff, Rory McGregor

2007: Noise – Emma Bortignon, Doron Kipen & Philippe Decrausaz

2008: Unfinished Sky – Andrew Plain, Annie Breslin & Will Ward

2009: Samson and Delilah – Liam Egan, David Tranter, Robert Sullivan, Tony Murtagh, Yulia Akerholt & Les Fiddess


2010: Tomorrow, When the War Began – Andrew Plain, David Lee, Gethin Greagh, Robert Sulivan

2012: The Sapphires – Andrew Plain, Bry Jones, Pete Smith, Ben Osmo, John Simpson.

2013: The Great Gatsby – Wayne Pashley, Jenny Ward, Fabian Sanjurjo, Steve Maslow, Phil Heywood, and Guntis Sics

2014: The Rover – Sam Petty, Des Kenneally, Justine Angus, Brooke Trezise, Francis Ward Lindsay, and Robert Mackenzie

2015: Mad Max: Fury Road – Ben Osmo, David White, Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff, Wayne Pashley, and Mark Mangini


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