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The NSW AAGPS (Atthletic Association of the Great Public Schools) is one of the premier basketball competitions played in Australia. It is an annual, 7 round competition played between 8 Sydney member teams that include Saint Ignatius Riverview, St Joseph's Hunters Hill, Sydney Grammar, Sydney Boys High, Newington College, Scots College, The Kings school and Sydney Church Of England (Shore). Preseason games are played in Term 4 of the particular season, with the official GPS games played in Term 1 every Saturday. 1st grade games commence at 11:15 and often attract large crowds.

From 2000-onwards, Sydney High, Newington College and Scots college have been the most successful schools, accounting for 13 joint/non joint premierships in 15 seasons.

Every season the AAGPS/RASHCKE Cup (all AAGPS schools compete) is played one week before Round 1, in a 1-day round robin formatted competition. Schools are separated into two pools, with the winner of each group playing each other in the final. This cup is the 2nd most prestigious accolade from a season. In 3 consecutive seasons of 2013, 2014 and 2015, Saint Ignatius College Riverview have made the final, in which they have been victorious twice (13,15).


The competition commenced in 1975.[1]

  • First Teams compete for the Denys Hake Shield which was first awarded in 1975, and was presented by The King’s School Council in honour of the wife of a former Headmaster of King’s, Herbert Denys Hake OBE.
  • Second Teams compete for The TE Bawden Shield which was first awarded in 1975. It was also presented by The King’s School and named after the first GPS Convenor of Basketball, and later GPS Treasurer, Tom Bawden.
  • The AAGPS and CAS First Teams compete annually for the PJ Yeend Cup, presented by Basketball NSW.
  • The AAGPS and ISA First Teams compete annually for the McKay Cup.


1975 to 1999[edit]

Year 1st Grade 2nd Grade
1975 King's King's
1976 King's King's,St Joseph's
1977 Shore King's
1978 St Ignatius',Shore[2] King's
1979 Shore St Joseph's
1980 King's King's
1981 King's,St Joseph's King's
1982 King's King's
1983 King's King's,High
1984 St Joseph's St Joseph's
1985 Scots Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington,King's
1986 Scots St Joseph's
1987 Shore St Joseph's
1988 Grammar St Joseph's
1989 St Joseph's Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington, St Joseph's
1990 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington St Joseph's
1991 St Joseph's Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington, St Joseph's
1992 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington
1993 St Joseph's St Joseph's,Grammar
1994 High St Ignatius'
1995 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington St Joseph's
1996 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington St Ignatius',Grammar,St Joseph's
1997 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington St Joseph's
1998 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington St Joseph's
1999 Scots Scots

2000 onwards[edit]

Year 1st Grade 2nd Grade
2000 Scots (Champions) Scots
2001 Scots (Champions)
2002 Shore (Champions) Shore (Champions)
2003 Shore(Champions) Shore
2004 Scots (Champions) Grammar
2005 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington (Champions) Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington
2006 Kings Shore
2007 Shore St. Ignatius'
2008 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington St. Ignatius'
2009 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington (Champions) St. Ignatius'
2010 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington (Champions)
2011 Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington, High, Scots Newingtoncoatofarms.jpgNewington (Champions)
2012 High, Scots Scots (Champions)
2013 Scots (Champions) High (Champions)
2014 High (Champions) St Josephs, St Ignatius' (Undefeated)
2015 Newington, High Scots, High

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