American Association for Nude Recreation

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Predecessor International Nudist Conference (INC)
American Sunbathing Association (ASA)
Established April 12, 1931; 84 years ago (1931-04-12)
Founder Kurt Barthel
Type 501(c)(7)[1]
  1. To foster among the public a just and tolerant appreciation of the human person and body in all its aspects, and promote the understanding and liberty that humankind may achieve by the practice of social nudism.
  2. To disseminate knowledge and information about the practice of social nudism.
  3. To establish, maintain, and foster the establishment of resorts, places, parks and areas for recreation and the enjoyment of social nudism.
  4. To lawfully, and in combination with others, seek the establishment and maintenance of such laws in any jurisdiction as will facilitate and provide for the purposes herein stated.
Headquarters Kissimmee, Florida, USA
United States, Canada, Mexico, French West Indies, Virgin Islands, and St. Martin.
Services Membership organization, newsletter publisher, education/advocacy
Membership (2015)
over 30,000 mambers and more than 200 clubs
Beverly Price
Affiliations AANR-East, AANR-Florida, AANR-Midwest, AANR-Northwest, AANR-Southwest, AANR-West, AANR-Western Canada
Slogan Advocate, educate, and inform society of the value and enjoyment of nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is the largest, longest-established organization of its kind in North America. Approximately 200 nudist resorts, clubs, and businesses choose to affiliate with AANR, and AANR currently serves over 30,000 members in the United States, Canada, Mexico, French West Indies, Virgin Islands, and St. Martin. AANR promotes the benefits of wholesome nude family recreation and works to protect the rights of nudists in appropriate settings, such as sanctioned nude beaches and public lands set aside for that use; as well as homes, private backyards, plus AANR-affiliated clubs, campgrounds and resorts.


AANR and other nudist organizations—such as The Naturist Society and others—work hard to discover and prevent anti-nudity legislation. They also work to increase the places where people can legally be nude through legislation and positive media coverage. These efforts require the help of all who want to enjoy being part of nude activities. Both clubs and people support this effort. Clubs do so by becoming an AANR-chartered club, while individuals become AANR members.


AANR-affiliated clubs include both nudist resorts and naturist social clubs that agree to AANR principles and standards. While nudist resorts and clubs affiliated with AANR are as individual as their members and visitors, they all provide a friendly, stress free atmosphere where people enjoy social nude recreation with their family and friends Many AANR-affiliated resorts are also affiliated with The Naturist Society, and the AANR membership card usually has equal status to the TNS membership card at resorts.


Individuals typically become members on an annual basis, although lifetime memberships are also available. Membership in AANR includes a subscription to The Bulletin, AANR’s monthly newsletter. The Bulletin contains articles on naturist activities and issues related to naturism. The Bulletin began as an insert in the Sunshine and Health magazine, and is now a standalone newsletter.


The general public can glean a great deal of naturist/nudist information at no charge from the organization’s website (, and from the free AANR email newsletter, The Undressed Press. Finding a nudist venue near one’s home or vacation destination is made easy by accessing the website’s “Places to Go” option.

Purpose and activities[edit]

AANR believes that nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings is an enhancing and enjoyable experience. Ultimately, the organization wishes to realize societal acceptance of nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings. The association promotes nudism and nude recreation in appropriate settings, and lobbies various levels of government in the interest of its affiliates and of nudist recreation.