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S&P 600 Component
Industry Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Founded 1988
Headquarters Tulsa, Oklahoma
Number of employees
Website aaon.com

AAON (NASDAQAAON) designs, manufactures and sells semi-custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) for commercial and residential use.[1] Primarily, it "“makes and sells air conditioning and heating equipment for the new construction and replacement markets.”[2]

AAON Inc. was founded by Norm Asbjornson in 1987, when he purchased the air conditioning and heating division of John Zink. Asbjornson became both founding president and CEO.[3] As of June 2016, AAON employed 1,300 people at its headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also employed approximately 300 people in Longview, Texas, with around $358 million in annual sales.[3]

The company broke ground on a new R&D lab in Tulsa on February 25, 2016. At the time, AAON was also expanding its manufacturing facility nearby.[4] The research lab will reportedly cost US $26 million, and will be ready in 2018.[5]

Its subsidiary, AAON Coil Products manufactures a variety of heating/cooling products, as well as, coils used in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry and provides coils to AAON as well as to other customers.[citation needed]

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