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The Bay Rivers District is an athletic district of the Virginia High School League which includes schools in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area.[1] The district was formed in 1990 with the consolidation of schools from the York River District and Peanut District schools.[2] The schools in the Bay Rivers District compete in 2A, 3A, and 4A. Since 2013, the district is only used for the regular season.

Facts About the District[edit]

The schools in the Bay Rivers District are located in or south of the Virginia Peninsula. Schools in the Bay Rivers District in particular are home to the Historic Triangle which are three Virginia colonial communities and areas which have important significance in the founding of the United States. First is Jamestown, the location of the first permanent British settlement in North America. Second is Williamsburg, home of the Colonial capital which is located in the Colonial Williamsburg historic district; Busch Gardens which is one of the most popular theme parks in the United States; and The College of William & Mary, which is the second oldest university in the United States and alma mater of Thomas Jefferson. The third city is Yorktown, which is the site of the Siege of Yorktown, where the British surrendered to the Continental Army on October 17, 1781, unofficially ending the American Revolutionary War.

Though much of the Historic Triangle area is considered to be a "retirement villa," this area is a rapidly growing area in general in the Commonwealth without regard to age, to the point where the Williamsburg/James City County school system opened Warhill High School in the 2007–2008 school year, reducing enrollments at Jamestown and Lafayette and creating the tenth member in the district.

Member schools[edit]

School Location Founded Enrollment Nickname Colors
Bruton High School Lightfoot, York County, VA 1974 579 Panthers   Green &   Gold
Grafton High School Grafton, York County, VA 1996 1,197 Clippers   Blue &   Red
Jamestown High School James City County, VA 1997 1,350 Eagles   Green &   Black
Lafayette High School James City County, VA 1973 1,162 Rams   Navy Blue &   Gold
New Kent County High School New Kent, New Kent County, VA 1950 985 Trojans   Navy Blue &   White
Poquoson High School Poquoson, VA 1910 698 Bull Islanders   Maroon &   Gold
Smithfield High School Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, VA 1906 1,311 Packers   Blue &   Gold
Tabb High School Tabb, York County, VA 1972 1,185 Tigers   Orange &   Black
Warhill High School Lightfoot, James City County, VA 2007 1,305 Lions   Columbia Blue &   Black
York High School Yorktown, York County, VA 1954 1,078 Falcons   Blue &   Silver

Former members[edit]


Season Football
1999 Lafayette (11–2)
2000 Lafayette (10–2)
2001 Lafayette (11–2)
2002 York (9-2)
2003 York (10–2)
2004 Lafayette (11–1)
2005 Poquoson (9–2)
2006 Lafayette (9–2)
2007 Lafayette (11–1)
2008 Poquoson & Tabb (8–3)
2009 Bruton (11–3)
2010 Poquoson (13–1)
2011 York (11–1)
2012 Smithfield (10–2)
2013 Lafayette (12–1)
2014 Lafayette (14–1)
2015 Lafayette (12–1)
2016 Lafayette (13–1)

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