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The ABA Club Championship was an Asian basketball tournament for professional clubs, organised by the Asian Basketball Association (ABA) under Dr. Carl Men Ky Ching. The ABA is not to be confused with FIBA Asia which Dr. Ching had also once presided. The tournament was first held in 1992. It was named Asian Basketball Super League from 1999 to 2001,[1] and came to a climax in 2000. The tournament was suspended between 2002 and 2006,[2] and has been held annually in China between 2007 and 2013. Unlike the FIBA Asia Champions Cup of today, most of ABA Club Championship's participants were from the Far East.


Year Dates Host City Champion Final Runner-up Third-place Most Valuable Player
1999[3] 13/06-29/06 Shenzhen
Hong Kong
China Chinese All-Stars
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei's All-Stars
(Finals suspended)
2000[4] 08/06-13/07 More than 20 cities in 5 different countries and regions
(Finals held in Beijing
United States NBA Ambassadors Best-of-3
China Chinese All-Stars
2001[5] 13/09-24/09 Taipei
South Korea Seoul Samsung Thunders Best-of-3
Japan Isuzu Giga Cats
2007[6] 26/09-01/10 Dongguan South Korea Seoul Samsung Thunders Round-robin Iran Iranian All-Stars Philippines Air21 Express South Korea Lee Won-soo (Samsung)
2008[7] 14/09-18/09 Dongguan China Guangdong Southern Tigers 80–71 Japan Rera Kamuy Hokkaido South Korea Seoul Samsung Thunders China Du Feng (Guangdong)
2009[8] 20/09-23/09 Lanzhou Iran Mahram Tehran 80–68 China Beijing Olympian South Korea Seoul Samsung Thunders Iran Samad Nikkhah Bahrami (Mahram)
2010[9] 15/09-20/09 Haining South Korea Seoul Samsung Thunders 83–82 Philippines Smart Gilas Pilipinas Iran Iranian All-Stars South Korea Eric Sandrin (Samsung)
2011[10] 27/09-30/09 Guangzhou Chinese Taipei Pauian Archiland 72–69 China Dongguan Leopards Japan Ryukyu Golden Kings United States Jeremy Lin (Dongguan)
2012 07/09-11/09 Shenzhen[11] China Guangdong Southern Tigers 91–87 China Guangzhou Liusui South Korea Seoul Samsung Thunders China Zhu Fangyu (Guangdong)
24/09-28/09 Kaohsiung[12][13] South Korea Changwon LG Sakers 82–78 Chinese Taipei Pauian Archiland China Guangdong Southern Tigers South Korea Yang Woo-sub (LG)
2013 18/09-21/09 Wenzhou[14] Iran Iranian All-Stars 70–60 South Korea Ulsan Mobis Phoebus China Zhejiang Lions Iran Saeid Davarpanah (Iran)
24/09-26/09 Nanning[15][16] South Korea Changwon LG Sakers 87–78 Iran Iranian All-Stars China Guangxi Rhino United States Davon Jefferson (LG)

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