ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client)

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ABC Screenshot
ABC Screenshot
Developer(s) Christophe Eymard, Dustin Pate, Choopan Rattanapoka, Timothy Tucker
Stable release
3.1 / October 2, 2005; 12 years ago (2005-10-02)[1]
Written in Python, using wxPython
Operating system Windows, Linux (Beta)
Type BitTorrent client
License PSFL

ABC is a free software, open source BitTorrent client based on BitTornado. It supports a queueing system with priority, global and local (per torrent) preference setting for downloading torrent (including upload and download rating limit), three upload options to do with completed file, and a system named Upload Rate Manager (URM) to force torrents out of queue if there is not a pre-set amount of upload activity. There is also an extensive web interface in ABC, allowing for other applications to view and change torrents and preferences remotely.[2]

It is written in Python using wxPython.

Development status[edit]

ABC does not appear to be under development and thus appears to be dead software. The last version released was version 3.1 which was released on 2 October 2005.


The BitTorrent client Tribler began as a fork of ABC[3]. The short-lived Torrent Swapper was also a forked of ABC, releasing only one version for download on SourceForge in 2006[4].

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