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Starring Eugene Lee
Richard Low
Ezann Lee
Deng Mao Hui
Margaret Lim
Marcus Chin
Subin Subiah
Country of origin Singapore
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Daisy Irani
Hossan Leong
Camera setup Single camera
Running time 30 minutes (with commercials)
Original network MediaCorp TV Channel 5
Original release 23 May – 15 August 2006

ABC DJ is a Singaporean sitcom on MediaCorp TV Channel 5. This show often makes references to sensitive issues such as culture shock and racial discrimination.

Plot Summary and Cast[edit]

DJ (Dong-Jin) and Master Zhang[edit]

This series is about an American-born Chinese "brat" from Beverly Hills named Chia Dong-Jin, also known as Dong-Jin or DJ (Eugene Lee), who is a rich, spoilt and almost-worthless Americanized Chinese that was sent or banished to Singapore by his father, Master Zhang, to live with a conservative Chinese family, the Gohs, so that DJ will learn about Chinese culture.

DJ was tricked by his father into going to Singapore. He thought he was in Singapore on a vacation when he received a phone call from his father, explaining to DJ that he had come to Singapore not for a vacation but to live with the Goh family to learn the traditional Chinese culture from them. However, DJ did not adapt well to the Chinese traditions, such as filial piety. During the stay with the Goh family, DJ was often being threatened or bullied by Goh, and his family. DJ was often regarded as a Chinese ang moh, a Singlish term for a Chinese person who lives in the West.

The Goh family and others[edit]

Goh Boon Keng (Richard Low), who is a sinseh (a traditional Chinese medicine) pupil to Master Zhang and a greatest threat to DJ, lives together with his wife, Hwee (Margaret Lim), his two children, Fann (Ezann Lee), a bookworm and Jeng Lo (Deng Mao Hui), who is regarded as a sissy and his old, illiterate and dimwitted father, Ah Kong (Marcus Chin). Goh Boon Keng works in a "sinseh" (traditional Chinese medicine) shop. Together, the Goh family lived in a Toa Payoh HDB flat. Ah Kong has an old Indian friend called Gana (Subin Subiah), a former butcher in a nearby foodstall, who is also as equally illiterate as him. Occasionally, they together get into fights and arguments unexpectedly. Deepak (Vignesh V) is Fann's closest school friend. To DJ, Fann and Deepak are considered as "nerds", an English slang for a stereotypical person who is boring and is not attractive in terms of their appearance and outlook.

Recurring and Minor Characters plus Guest Appearances[edit]

  • Gana played by Subin Subiah (occurred in some episodes).
  • Deepak played by Vignesh V (occurred in some episodes).
  • Lee Tok Kong played by Mark Lee (in episode 7).
  • Lily Lee played by Margaret Lee (in episode 7).
  • Phua Chu Kang played by Gurmit Singh (in episode 7).
  • Rosie Phua played by Irene Ang (in episode 7).
  • Ah Goon played by Ray Kuan (in episode 7).

Production history[edit]

The show started airing in Singapore on MediaCorp TV Channel 5 on 23 May 2006. AZN TV host and American deejay Eugene Lee is one of the main actors in the show, along with veteran Channel 8 actors Richard Low and Margaret Lim. Singaporean child actors Ezann Lee and Deng Mao Hui were also played as one of the main characters in that show. Vignesh V, an actor from Fly Entertainment, were also one of the stars of the show but he only appears in some episodes. In addition, Subin Subiah were also one of the main casts in the show.

Guest stars such as Mark Lee, Margaret Lee, Gurmit Singh, Irene Ang and Ray Kuan have appeared in the 7th episode of the debut season of the show.


Episode Guide & Synopsis at MOBTV

# Airdate Title
1 23 May 2006 Rock The Boat
2 30 May 2006 Karung Guni Man Always Rings Twice
3 6 June 2006 Singapore Water Torture
4 13 June 2006 School Of Rock
5 20 June 2006 Rock Around The Clock
6 27 June 2006 Dancing Queens
7 4 July 2006 Ship Of Fools
8 11 July 2006 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
9 18 July 2006 Little Shop Of Horrors
10 25 July 2006 Love Is A Four Letter Word
11 1 August 2006 War Of The Words
12 8 August 2006 Smells Like Teen Spirit
13 15 August 2006 Birthday Boy


Country TV Network(s) Series Premiere Weekly Schedule
Singapore Singapore MediaCorp TV Channel 5 May 23, 2006 Tuesday 8:30pm GMT