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Previous ABC Guide Identity

ABC Guide was an automated datacast service used as a filler programme during the downtime of various ABC television channels. It launched in the early hours of May 30, 2006 and is used during the down-time of ABC2 during the overnights.

The ABC Guide features a primetime television guide advertising programming for ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3. ABC Dig Music (radio) is used, along with song information at the bottom of the screen, as background music to the service, which also includes a national weather map.

The on-air identity of the ABC Guide featured six informational slides. The design and colour scheme is based on ABC Online's branding, with the use of blue, yellow, and white. Each slide also uses elements from respective channel's on-air branding, which include ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, and ABC DiG Music. Light blue, orange and white hadpreviously used.

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