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ABC Commercial is the commercial arm of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It is responsible for making a profit through the creation, marketing and retailing of ABC products and services worldwide.[1]


ABC Commercial was established in 1974. Originally known as ABC Enterprises, it was later renamed ABC Commercial. One of its aims is to ensure that all profits from the sale of consumer products and production services are returned to the broader Corporation for reinvestment in program-making.[1][2][3][4]

ABC Shops and Centres[edit]

ABC Shops were managed under the ABC Retail department. ABC Shops operated over 40 retail shops and 80 centres, an international delivery service on the internet as well as developing and licensing ABC brands and programs, and providing production resource hire to the general public and industry alike.[1][5]

In July 2015, ABC Managing Director Mark Scott announced that all ABC Shops would close by 2016, with the loss of 300 jobs.[6][7] The ABC Shops closed late 2015, with the store moving to online sales. ABC iview has also filled in the gap left by the ABC Stores, with free playback TV and downloads.[8]

As of 2016, a large chain of ABC Centres exists within partner stores including Sanity and Dymocks.[citation needed]


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