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53T6 (ABM-3 Gazelle)
ABM Pushkino.jpg
Type Anti-ballistic missile
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service Since 1995
Used by Russia
Wars Cold War
Production history
Designer NPO Novator Design Bureau
Designed 1978[1]
Produced 1988[1]
No. built 68[1]
Weight 10,000kg (22,000lb)
Length 12 m
Diameter 1.8 m[2][3][4]
Warhead nuclear 10 kiloton

Engine 2-stage solid fuel
Flight ceiling 80-100km
Speed Mach 17 (20,826 km/h; 12,941 mph)

The 53T6 (NATO reporting name: ABM-3 Gazelle, previously SH-08)[1] is a Russian anti-ballistic missile. Designed in 1978 and in service since 1995,[11] it is a component of the A-135 anti-ballistic missile system.

The missile is able to intercept incoming re-entry vehicles at a distance of 80 km. The 53T6 is a two-stage solid-propellant rocket armed with a 10 kt thermonuclear weapon. The missile is about 10 meters in length and 1.8 meters in diameter. Its launch weight is 10 tons.[1][12]

The 53T6 missile is kept in a silo-based launch container. Prior to launch its cover is blown off.

The missile achieves speeds of approximately Mach 17 (20,826 km/h; 12,941 mph; 5.7849 km/s).[13] Maximum load manoeuvre capability is longitudinal 210G - transverse 90G[14]

Radar support[edit]

The Gazelle missile system is supported by the Don-2N Pill Box radar.

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