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PDB 1tz0 EBI.jpg
crystal structure of putative antibiotic biosythesis monooxygenase from bacillus cereus
Symbol ABM
Pfam PF03992
Pfam clan CL0032
InterPro IPR007138
SCOP 1n5t

In molecular biology, the ABM domain is a protein domain that is found in monooxygenases involved in the biosynthesis of several antibiotics by Streptomyces species, which can carry out oxygenation without the assistance of any of the prosthetic groups, metal ions or cofactors normally associated with activation of molecular oxygen. The structure of ActVA-Orf6 monooxygenase from Streptomyces coelicolor, which is involved in actinorhodin biosynthesis, reveals a dimeric alpha+beta barrel topology.[1] There is also a conserved histidine that is likely to be an active site residue. In the S. coelicolor protein SCO1909 this domain occurs as a repeat.


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