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Model of the ANA factory 1948
Assembly of Standard Vanguard in 1953

AB Nyköpings Automobilfabrik (ANA) founded in 1937[1] was an automobile manufacturer in Nyköping that assembled trucks from Chrysler, DeSoto, Plymouth, Fargo[1] and later also Škoda[1] and Standard[2][3] and from the mid-1950s also Simca.[1][4] From 1946 they also sold Piper aircraft.[5] The company was founded as a daughter company of Nordiska Kompaniet.[6] During the 1960s the company distributed Massey-Ferguson tractors, developing a modified version of the Ferguson hitch called the Swedish Hitch.[7]

In 1960, the company was bought by SAAB and renamed SAAB-ANA and changed into being a SAAB dealership.[1] In 2013 ANA started selling BMW and Mini[8] and they had since a few years also made police versions of BMW cars and motorcycles.[9]


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