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ACDShe logo.gif
The logo is a modified version of the AC/DC logo
Background information
Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Hard rock
Years active 1997-present
Associated acts AC/DC
Members Amy Ward (Bonny Scott)
Nicki Williams (Riff Williams)
Sara Brownwell (Mallory Young)
Tina Gordon (Philomena Rudd)
Pamela Ausejo (Agnes Young)
Past members Tina Lucchesi (Phyllis Rudd)
Erin McDermott (Mallory Young)
Alison Victor (Agnes Young)
Natalie (Mallory Young)
Clementine (Phyllis Rudd)
Gretchen Menn (Agnes Young)

AC/DShe (pronounced A C - D She) is an all-female AC/DC tribute band. The band, hailing from San Francisco, covers only pre-1980 AC/DC songs (thus those written while Bon Scott was still alive).[1][2] The band was created by Nicki Williams and Amy Ward in 1997. AC/DShe has toured throughout the US and in Europe and performed at the AC/DC tribute festival in Wales in 2004.[1][3] They began getting significant media coverage in November 2001, with a feature in Details Magazine and have had national and international press since, alongside other gender-specific tribute acts such as Lez Zeppelin[1] and Mandonna.[4] They were also featured in an article on Hustler magazine that covered all-female tribute bands.[5]


Current members
Former members
  • Tina Lucchesi (Phyllis Rudd) - drums
  • Erin McDermott (Mallory Young) - rhythm guitar, background vocals
  • Alison Victor (Agnes Young) - lead guitar
  • Natalie Smith (Mallory Young) - rhythm guitar, background vocals
  • Clementine Ross (Phyllis Rudd) - drums
  • Gretchen Menn (Agnes Young) - lead guitar


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