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ACCENT Speakers Bureau
Formation1967; 52 years ago (1967)
TypeStudent government Speakers' bureau
Headquarters306 J. Wayne Reitz Union, Gainesville, Florida, USA
Greg Wolf
Parent organization
Student Government
AffiliationsUniversity of Florida

ACCENT Speakers Bureau is the student government-run speakers' bureau of the University of Florida. It claims to be the largest student-run speakers' bureau in the United States

The organization is a student government agency.

ACCENT was created in 1967 and its speakers' series was created originally as a symposium, with the first featuring author Ralph Nader and then Vice President Richard Nixon as the headline speakers. The next year, the symposium featured a "liberal versus conservative" debate featuring Harry Goldin and James J. Kilpatrick. The symposium was accompanied by a politically charged magazine which featured writing from political science students and professors at the University of Florida. Over time, ACCENT broke away from the symposium format and turned into a year-long speaker series.


In any given year, the Chair must stretch the budget to bring in speakers that the Student Body would like to hear speak. While most shows are sponsored solely by ACCENT, many other student organizations turn to ACCENT for different events. Organizations including, but not limited to, Black Student Union, Jewish Student Union, Hispanic Student Union, Asian American Student Union, Pride Student Union, Islam on Campus and the Board of College Councils work with ACCENT to bring in speakers that are both relevant to their group and hold wide appeal.

Past speakers[edit]

Bill Nye, host of Bill Nye the Science Guy, in November 2007
Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, together known as the MythBusters, speak in April 2008
Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian speaks in January 2008 in his first public appearance since being released from prison

Organizational information[edit]

Student government[edit]

ACCENT has the second largest budget out of all the agencies, as well as the largest staff. Chapter 563 of the University of Florida Student Body Statues outlines the general practices of the Speakers Bureau.

Staff structure[edit]

Over 50 student volunteers work with the Chairman to put time and energy to bring speakers to the University of Florida. The Chairman is required to appoint three Vice Chairs, but the remainder of the organizational structure is left up to the Chairman. Vice Chairships, Directorships, and Assistant Directorships range from productions to promotions and every job in between. Applications are usually found on the official website at the beginning of each semester.

Past Chairs[edit]

Greg Wolf 2018–Present
Shelby Buchanan 2017-2018
Mike Greenberg 2016–2017
Kevin Gerson 2015-2016
Corey Flayman 2014-2015
Daniel Landesberg 2013–2014
Josh Holtzman 2012–2013
Corey Portnoy 2011 - 2012
Zack Goldstein 2010 - 2011
Jason H. Attermann 2009 - 2010
Andrew S. Guglielmo 2008 - 2009
Steven Blank 2007 - 2008
Andrew S. Brown 2006 - 2007
Evan Tyroler 2005 - 2006
David Buchalter 2004 - 2005
Seth Denison 2003 - 2004
Eric Trabin 2002 - 2003
Robert Heekin 2001 - 2002
Michael Mosseri 2000 - 2001
Justin L. Sternberg 1999 - 2000
Jason A. Collier 1998 - 1999
Andrew W. Rosin 1997 -1998
Adam Sheinkopf 1997
David Meade 1996
Michael Namath 1995 - 1996
Michael Cotzen 1994 - 1995
David Seifer 1993 - 1994
Marshall Rothman 1992 - 1993
Scott Thomas 1991 - 1992
Richard Brilliant 1990 - 1991
Evan Plotka 1989 - 1990
Greg Kirby 1988 - 1989
Seth Bruckner 1987 - 1988
Lloyd Gilick 1986 - 1987
G. Mark Shalloway 1985 - 1986
Huber Cooney 1984 1985
Brian Paternak/Bruce Gross 1983 - 1984
Marilyn Stern 1980 - 1981
Kevin Hanks 1979 - 1980
Donny Epstein 1976 - 1979
Steve Weiner 1975 - 1976
John Fuller 1974 - 1975
Mike Snyder 1973 - 1974
David Aarons 1972 - 1973
Ed Boze 1970 - 1971
Joe Hilliard 1969 - 1970


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