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ACID64 Player is a music player application by the High Voltage SID Collection team-member Wilfred Bos, that plays Commodore 64 music files through an MOS Technology SID sound interface device chip, using an instruction cycle-based emulation of the C64's core processors to achieve true fidelity.[1]

The player currently runs only on the Microsoft Windows platform, with no support for other platforms planned. As the emulation engine is coded in x86 assembly, practical porting would be limited to IBM PC compatibles.

ACID64 Player requires a connection to a SID chip through a HardSID device controller unit connected to the computer. It also supports network devices that emulate the SID chip like JSidDevice that is part of JSidplay2. NTSC and PAL frequency speeds are accurately emulated. The program has a basic GUI for control, with features to seek through SID playback and to search through SID collections. It supports many Windows integration abilities.

The emulation core of ACID64 is made in assembly and for the GUI Delphi is used.


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