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Industry Automatic content recognition, Audio fingerprinting, Music recognition, Interactive TV
Headquarters Beijing, China
Products Automatic Content Recognition platform

ACRCloud (Formerly Syntec TV) is an automatic content recognition platform based on acoustic fingerprinting technology. Its creator intended to help media, broadcasters and app developers to identify, monitor and monetize content on the second screen.[1]

ACRCloud allows user to upload their own content and ingest live feeds for audio identification and broadcast monitoring. Beyond that, ACRCloud has indexed over 53m tracks in its music fingerprinting database. ACRCloud launch a worldwide radio station database with over 30k radio stations in July 2018, it enables the clients to monitor music and their custom content on the radio station without collecting the stream URLs of the stations.


The major service from ACRCloud are music recognition, content monitoring, live and pre-taped content identification and triggering, it also offers broadcast monitoring, audio measurement, copyright compliance solutions. For developers, ACRCloud supports Android, iOS, Java and python SDKs.


Music Recognition & Humming Recognition: Deezer, Netease Cloud Music, Musixmatch, Xiaomi,[2] Alcatel, Genius, KKBOX, AWA, Melon, LyricMania, Changba, Omusic, Hydris Apps What Song?[3] etc.

Live Channel Detection & Second Screen Sync: Alibaba, Cartoon Network, CNTV, RAI etc.

Broadcast Monitoring: Sveriges Radio, Soundcharts, Radio Caroline, Yacast, DJmonitor, CRI, CNR, Earone, etc.

Automotive: PURE, DTS/Xperi, Continental etc

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