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ACT Alliance is a global alliance of churches and related organisations focusing on long-term development and humanitarian assistance. The alliance has a membership of more than 130 organisations, working with about 30,000 members of staff and volunteers, in 140 countries, with a combined budget in excess of US$1,600,000,000.


The ACT Development alliance (Action by Churches Together for Development) focusing on long-term development was formed in February 2007.[1][2][3] ACT Development was closely associated with ACT International, an alliance of organisations working on humanitarian aid. The two alliances became a single alliance in early 2010, with a membership of 130 organisations.[4][5][6]

The membership of the alliance is defined by a relation to the World Council of Churches and the Lutheran World Federation combined with a mandate to work on humanitarian assistance and/or development issues.[7]

National and Regional Forums[edit]

The member organisations of the alliance are encouraged to coordinate their work together on a national and regional level by meeting in forums.[8][9][10]


The ACT Alliance is composed of over 130 members working in more than 140 countries.[11]

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