AC NM AE T1 mine

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The AC NM AE T1 (Mina Anti-Carro Não-Magnética Auto Explosiva modelo T1) is a Brazilian minimum metal anti-tank blast mine. The mine is believed to be in service with the Brazilian army, although production of the mine ceased in 1989. The mine has a square plastic main body, with a raised circular pressure plate and fuze. A carry handle is built into one side of the mine. It appears to be very similar to the PRB M3.

The mine is reportedly used in Ecuador and Peru.


  • Length: 225 mm
  • Width: 255 mm
  • Height: 155 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Explosive content: 7 kg of TNT with a Pentolite booster (a 50:50 PETN/TNT mix)
  • Operating pressure: 60 to 140 kg