ADK Damashii

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ADK Damashii
ADK Tamashii Cover.jpg
Developer(s) ADK
Publisher(s) SNK Playmore
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4
Release PlayStation 2
  • JP: December 18, 2008
  • JP: March 18, 2015 (PSN)
PlayStation 4
  • NA: February 24, 2017
  • EU: March 1, 2017
Genre(s) Fighting, beat 'em up, run and gun, scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

ADK Damashii is a compilation of video games by SNK Playmore released on December 18, 2008 for PlayStation 2, exclusively in Japan. It was later released outside of Japan for PlayStation 4 in 2017.[1]

It includes 5 arcade/Neo Geo games which were all developed by ADK and published by SNK Playmore. All 5 are 1:1 arcade ports with only one small enhancement in the form of skill lists/move lists for the characters of the fighting games; nothing else was changed. They are all 2D Games and every game is for 1-2 players. Unlike all the other Japanese versions of Neo Geo game compilations for PS2, it had no online modes.


  • Aggressors of Dark Kombat (abbreviated ADK) is a one-on-one fighting arcade game released by SNK and developed by Alpha Denshi Corp. (ADK).
  • Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō is a ninja-themed one-on-one fighting game produced by ADK and published by SNK.
  • Ninja Combat is a 1991 side-scrolling action game, developed by ADK and published by SNK.
  • Ninja Commando is a top down, vertically scrolling run and gun arcade game developed by ADK and published by SNK.
  • Twinkle Star Sprites is a competitive scrolling shooter created by ADK and published by SNK.

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