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Developer(s) CASPUR statistical group
Stable release
3.31.1 / April 27, 2015; 23 months ago (2015-04-27)
Development status Stable
Written in Java
Operating system Windows, Linux
Type Statistical analysis
License GNU General Public License

ADaMSoft is a free and Open Source statistical software developed in Java and can run on any platform supporting Java.


ADaMSoft was initially started by Marco Scarnò as a simple prototype of the statistical software developed by UNESCO and called WinIDAMS. Later it resulted useful for several activities of the CASPUR statistical group (ADaMS group). The software was further developed until it became an interesting package which was tested and, finally, opened to the web community.[1]


Statistical methods[edit]

ADaMSoft can perform a wide range of analytical methods:

Data sources[edit]

It can read/write statistical data values from various/to sources including:

Web Application Server[edit]

By using the ADaMSoft Web Application Server it is possible to use all the software facilities through the web; in other words to let that internet users can access to the ADaMSoft procedures without having it installed.


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