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In Greek mythology, aegis is the shield used by the Greek god Zeus.

Aegis may also refer to:





  • Aizis or Aigis, a Dacian town and later Roman castrum in Dacia


Comics and animation[edit]

  • Aegis (comics), a superhero who first appeared in Marvel Comics' New Warriors series
  • Aegis (Lady of All Sorrows), a female cosmic being in the Marvel universe who appears in The Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer among other titles
  • A.E.G.I.S., a fictional organisation in the anime Gate Keepers that combats threats from an invading species
  • Entropy Aegis, armor worn by the DC character Steel (John Henry Irons)


  • Aégis, an album by the Norwegian band Theatre of Tragedy
  • Aegis (band), a pop music group from the Philippines


Video games[edit]

  • Aegis Wing, a shooter game that can be downloaded from the Xbox Live Arcade store
  • AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet, a 1994 DOS game simulating the command of a U.S. Navy Ticonderoga class cruiser
  • Aigis (Persona), an android in the role-playing game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 and related series
  • The shield wielded by Gallantmon in the Digimon series
  • Aegis of the Immortal, a shield in Dota 2
  • Aegis VII, a planet in Dead Space
  • Aegis suit, a suit worn by Vanessa Z. Schneider, the main character of P.N.03
  • Aegis, a positive status effect that negates the first ingoming damage on characters in Guild Wars 2
  • Aegis, a shielding mechanic from the Kaidan adventure zone onwards in The Secret World
  • AEGIS (Freedom City), a fictional government organisation in the role-playing game Mutants & Masterminds
  • AEGIS, a fictional government organisation in the role-playing game Conspiracy X


  • Aegis, the shield of Thalia Grace in Rick Riordan's 2007 novel The Titan's Curse


Military technology[edit]