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AEI Media Ltd
Genre Edm
Founded 1998
  • Diluk Dias
  • James Cotterill
Headquarters London, United Kingdom

AEI Media is a London-based digital media and music company. Established in 1998 by James Cotterill and Diluk Dias, AEI Media produces original content, hosts live events, and helps develop artists and brands.[1] They produce critically acclaimed compilation albums with groups such as Drum and Bass Arena, This Is Dubstep, UKF Dubstep, UKF Drum&Bass, UKF Bass Culture and All Trap Music. They manage the labels Get Darker, Pilot Records, Titan Records, Inspected & their three recent new labels Bring It Down Records, Elevate Records & Dalerious.

Following many sell-out shows throughout the United Kingdom and a sold out UKF tour in North America, AEI media appointed Duncan King as the new label manager and Jenni Cochrane as Head of International Events.[2][3] Jenni Cochrane comes with a lot of music industry experience having worked with global brands such as Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Dance Nation, and Global Underground. She began her work in the music industry at Renaissance in Ibiza when she was 17. When she graduated Jenni was hired by Ministry of Sound to run their Live Tours & Events division. She notes that they have only dipped their toe into the international market but we should expect to see UKF events popping up everywhere especially in North America.[4] In 2013 AEI Media hopes to sign artists on bigger deals, develop new brand concepts, and continue to support artist development.[3]

Label Artists[edit]


  • Asa
  • Culprate
  • KOAN Sound
  • Monuman
  • Skope
  • Sorrow
  • ZES

Pilot Records[edit]

  • Flatmate
  • Ownglow
  • Siskiyou


  • A-Cray
  • A.M.C
  • Callide
  • Dub Motion
  • Glass Cobra
  • S9
  • T-Phonic
  • Turno
  • Zaiaku

Bring It Down[edit]

  • Emalkay


  • Friction

Label Releases[edit]

Inspected (EPs and Singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2011 INSP001 Gemini Blue EP
INSP002 KOAN Sound Max Out EP
INSP003 Gemini Graduation EP
INSP004 Culprate 5 Star EP
2012 INSP005 Zeds Dead Adrenaline EP
INSP006 Gemini Fire Inside EP
INSP007 Asa & Stumbleine Your Secret EP
INSP008 Boy Kid Cloud A Better Version of Me EP
INSP009 xKore Stabs EP
INSP010 Culprate Nightmares in Reality EP
INSP011 Jayglo Final Scenes EP
INSP012 Gemini Mercury EP
2013 INSP013 Teknian Sonic EP
INSP014 Boy Kid Cloud 6am / I Need Love
INSP015 Millions Like Us Into The Light EP
INSP016 Culprate The Great Expedition EP
INSP017 Boy Kid Cloud This Way / Someone Said
INSP018 Emperor Jackhammer EP
INSP019 KOAN Sound & Asa Sanctuary EP
INSP020 Joe Ford Culture EP
2014 INSP021 Millions Like Us Luminary EP
INSP022 Asa Heartbeats EP
INSP023 ZES Hindsight EP
2015 INSP024 Sorrow Search Of The Miraculous EP
INSP025 DIVERSA Of The Mysterious Voice EP
INSP026 Skope Nordic EP
2016 INSP027 Emperor Allure EP
INSP028 Skope Strange Science EP
INSP029 Various Artists Glados EP
INSP030 The Movember Collection
2017 INSP031 Eckle Deshoda EP
INSP032 Sorrow The Twelve EP

Inspected (Albums)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2014 Free Download Various Artists Powered By Inspected
2016 Powered By Inspected, Vol. 2

Pilot (EPs and singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2011 PILOT001 Cutline Runnin
2012 PILOT002 Rollz The Music EP
PILOT003 Firepod EP
PILOT004 Ayah Marar The Raver
2013 PILOT005 Buku Janky EP
PILOT006 The Frederik Heavy Crownage EP
PILOT007 Ambassadeurs Trouble EP
PILOT008 Buku Fooled EP
PILOT009 Mutated Forms Eighty-Six EP
PILOT010 Ambassadeurs Alone In The Light EP
PILOT011 The Frederik Torpedo
PILOT012 Draft The Phryday EP
2014 PILOT013 Buku Down EP
PILOT014 Jamtech That Life
PILOTUS001 BetaTraxx Electra Heart
PILOT015 4AM Wanted EP
PILOT016 DE$iGNATED Valentine EP
PILOT017 Draft Makeshift Constellations EP
PILOT018 Pillage EP
PILOT019 4AM Illusion EP
PILOT020 Ownglow Gold / Tension
PILOT021 Bare Noize Dire / Reticulum
2015 PILOT022 Ownglow All Black / Change Your Life
2016 PILOT023 Flatmate The Bridge
PILOT024 Siskiyou Power Glove
2017 PILOT025 Changing Faces In The Woods
PILOT026 Hillsdom Lucid Dreams
PILOT027 GLXY Proposition EP

Any Pilot Records releases with the catalog number PILOTUS, is only available in the United States of America.

GetDarker (EPs and singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2011 GDKR001 Kromestar Mental Universe / Trianglez (with Dark Tantrums)
GDKR002 Tunnidge Control / Decay
GDKR003 Truth Direct Blow / Snake
2012 GDKR004 Cyrus Hot Pan / Ears Lowered
GDKR005 DJG Rivet EP
GDKR006 Distance Troubles / Rugged
2013 GDKR007 Von D Deeper / Eyes On You (with Riskotheque)

Titan (EPs and singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2011 TITAN001 Various Artists Surface EP
TITAN002 Serial Killaz Send Dem / Authentic
TITAN003 Subsonic Kamikaze / Flatliner
2012 TITAN004 DJ Oder Rock The Place / Robot Talk
TITAN005 Wickaman & RV I Need You / Identi-fi
TITAN006 Athys & Duster Athys & Duster EP
TITAN007 A.M.C Noise Of Thunder EP
2013 TITAN008 Wickaman & SuddenDef Play For Blood / The Way Things Were
TITAN009 Various Artists Surface EP Pt. 2
TITAN010 A.M.C & Six Blade Try Again / Killa
TITAN011 T-Phonic One More Chance / All Night Long
2014 TITAN012 Various Artists Surface EP Pt. 3
TITAN014 Callide Drop Bombs / Pulse Wave
TITAN015 T-Phonic Deep Impact
TITAN016 Positive
TITAN017 Hypoxia Badass / Discoshit
TITAN018 Juventa Just For Now EP
2015 TITAN019 A-Cray Diverted / Simple
TITAN020 T-Phonic Headvice / Cinematic
TITAN021 Zaiaku Lost Identity / The Defect
TITAN022 Dub Motion Warning / Mercury
TITAN023 A.M.C Southpaw EP
TITAN024 Dub Motion Skyfall EP
TITAN025 Hypoxia Tres-2B / Charley
TITAN026 Tobax Lockdown / One Chance
TITAN027 S9 Push It / Retrospect
2016 TITAN028 Glass Cobra Up / Don Juan
TITAN029 Tobax Orbital Cold / Blessed
TITAN030 Various Artists 5 Years Of Titan Records (Part 1)
TITAN031 5 Years Of Titan Records (Part 2)
TITAN032 5 Years Of Titan Records (Part 3)
TITAN033 5 Years Of Titan Records (The Album)
TITAN034 A.M.C & Turno Collision EP
TITAN035 Glass Cobra Heel Slide / Delusion
TITAN036 Maniatics Rock This Place / The Beast
2017 TITAN037 A.M.C Dubplate Series, Vol, 1
TITAN038 Six Blade 24/7
TITAN039 Various Artists Surface EP Pt. 4
TITAN040 Liveon Destruction & Domination / Discomfort
TITAN041 Akov Space Bears EP
TITAN042 Various Artists Titan Goes To Let It Roll EP

Titan Impact (Singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2011 TITANIMP001 Emperor Avenger / Time To Play
2012 TITANIMP002 Mr Explicit Dirty Bitch / Jungle Relapse

Bring It Down (EPs and singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2013 BID001 Emalkay For The People EP
2014 BID002 For The People EP (The Remixes)
BID003 Tomorrow / Detinations

Elevate (EPs and singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2013 ELVT001 Friction Long Gone Memory EP
2015 ELVT002 Freak
2016 ELA001 Dare EP
ELA002 Bring It Back
ELA003 All Nite
2017 ELA004 Various Artists Quadrant EP, Vol. 1
ELA005 Friction Mad In The Jungle

Dalerious (EP's & Singles)[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
2013 DAL001 Daleri Hysteria


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