AFL Women's National Championships

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AFL Women's National Championships
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015 AFL Women's National Championships season
Sport Australian rules football
Founded 1992
No. of teams 10
Country Australia
Most titles Victoria (14 titles)

The AFL Women's National Championships is the premier National and International competition in Women's Australian rules football.[1] The tournament is organised by the sport's governing in body Australia the Women's Football Australia (WFA).

The championships have been held every year since 1992.[2]

In addition there is an U16 team from Papua New Guinea (that joined in 2006).


Flag Team Joined First Competed Titles
Victoria (Australia) Victoria-Senior 14
Victoria (Australia) Victoria-U19 1
Western Australia Western Australia
South Australia South Australia
Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory
Queensland Queensland
New South Wales New South Wales
Northern Territory Northern Territory
Australian Defence Force
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea 2006


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