Aruncător de grenade 40 mm

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Aruncător de grenade 40 mm (AG-40)
PA md.86 with AG-40 grenade launcher.jpg
The AG-40 mounted on a PA md. 86
Type Grenade launcher
Place of origin Romania
Service history
Used by Romania
Wars Peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Length 400 mm
Barrel length 300 mm

Cartridge 40×47mm
Action Break action
Effective firing range 400 m
Feed system Breech-loaded, single-shot
Sights Notched short range quadrant sight, graduated folding leaf sight

The Aruncător de grenade 40 mm (AG-40) is a rifle-mounted 40 mm grenade launcher. It is mounted as a lower handguard for a Kalashnikov pattern rifle. The AG-40 is currently used on the 5.45mm PA md. 86 standard assault rifle, in Romanian service. It replaced the older GP-25 Soviet-pattern grenade launcher.

Technical data[edit]

Romanian Military Police soldier with an AL-38 grenade launcher.

The AG-40 grenade launcher is manufactured by ROMARM SA and has the following technical specifications:[1]

Model AG-40P AG-40PN AL-38
Caliber 40 mm 38 mm
Cartridge 40 x 47 mm 40 x 46 mm -
Operation single shot
Feed breech loading, sliding barrel breech loading
Sight fore, post; rear, aperture
calibrated from 50–450 m
fore, post;
rear, U-notch
Muzzle velocity 80 m/s 74 m/s -
Minimum range 50 m -
Barrel 16 grooves rh,
1 turn in 1,200 m
6 grooves rh,
1 turn in 1,200 m
Weapon length 400 mm 700 mm
Barrel length 300 mm 350 mm
Line of sight 125 mm 320 mm
Weight 1.300 kg 2.400 kg


  •  Romania: Used by Infantry, Mountain Hunters, and Combat Divers.
  •  Georgia: Locally produced.[2]


  • AG-40P - basic model (40x47 mm cartridge)
  • AG-40PN - uses the 40x46 mm NATO cartridge[3]
  • AL-38 - anti-riot launcher version (38 mm caliber)


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