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Industry Motorcycle helmets
Founded 1946
Founder Gino Amisano
Headquarters Molvena, Veneto, Italy
Products AGV
Parent Dainese
Website Official Website

AGV (Amisano Gino Valenza) is an Italian motorcycle helmet firm, founded in 1946 by Gino Amisano (1920–2009). AGV is known for its use of innovative designs and materials, tested on the racetrack and developed with sponsored World Championship riders, including 9-time World Champion Valentino Rossi. The company was purchased by Italian dynamic sport clothing company Dainese in July 2007.[1]

Product range[edit]

AGV produces an extensive range of motorcycle helmets, from full-face racing, sport, touring and off-road models to modular helmets, urban jet helmets and open-face cruiser designs in a spectrum of materials from carbon fiber to aramid, fiberglass and thermoplastics.[2]

All current AGV helmets are developed to AGV Extreme Standards, an integrated technical development and construction approach that “designs around the head” and which the company claims achieves tangible and measurable improvements in protection, fit, comfort, reliability and environmental impact.[3]


AGV was founded in 1946 by Gino Amisano (1920–2009). The company name is an acronym of his own name and the town, Valenza, where the company was based.[4] The company logotype incorporates the acronym within a helmet shape bearing the colors of the Italian flag. Amisano liked to joke that this simple profile was how other riders always saw the helmet of his most famous rider, Giacomo Agostini, on the racetrack: from behind.[5]

AGV initially made leather seats and motorcycle saddles, adding leather motorcycle helmets a year later, in 1947.[6] However, despite a number of innovations, helmet production only came to the fore with the advent of the fiberglass helmet in 1954.[6] This marked the beginning of decades of collaboration with the world’s top motorcycle racers, including Kenny Roberts,[6] Barry Sheene,[6] Johnny Cecotto,[6] Steve Baker,[7] Angel Nieto,[6] 15-time World Championship Winner Giacomo Agostini[6] and most recently Valentino Rossi,[6] with both the latter having used AGV helmets throughout their careers.[8]

The company was quick to capitalize on its racing prominence and was the first to use a motorcycle race for its advertising, having banners hung around the most-photographed track bends.[6] AGV was likewise a pioneer in the use of product placement in the movies, including A place for lovers by De Sica, starring Marcello Mastroianni.[9]

AGV moved into Formula One from the early seventies, sponsoring drivers such as Niki Lauda,[6] Emerson Fittipaldi[6], Keke Rosberg[6] and Nelson Piquet.[6]

Valentino Rossi was made an honorary president of the company in 2008.[10]

AGV Helmets was purchased by Italian dynamic sports clothing company Dainese in July 2007.[1] Dainese was acquired by Investcorp of Bahrain for €130 million in 2014.[11]

Research and innovations[edit]

1954 First Italian fiberglass crash helmet[6]

1956 First Jet crash helmet[6]

1958 First company to use trackside advertising[6]

1967 First full-face helmet[6]

1977 AGV sponsors the first racetrack Mobile Clinic[6]

2007 AGV Extreme Standards integrated technical design and construction approach developed[3]

2012 First AGV Extreme Standards helmet launched: the Pista GP[12]


AGV sponsors the following:[13]




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