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Asian Highway 4 shield
Asian Highway 4
Picture of Checkpoint building over AH4 at China/Pakistan border near Khunjerab Pass
Border Checkpoint building across AH4 near Khunjerab Pass
Major junctions
North endNovosibirsk, Russia
South endKarachi, Pakistan
CountriesRussia, Mongolia, China, Pakistan
Highway system

Asian Highway 4 (AH4) is a route of the Asian Highway Network which runs 6,024 km (3,743 mi) from Novosibirsk, Russia (on AH6) via Ürümqi, China (on AH5) to Karachi, Pakistan (on AH7).[1][2][3][4]

Associated routes[edit]



  • A0306 from the border with Russia near Ulaanbaishint to Ölgii (97 km)
  • A0305 from Ölgii to Khovd (178 km)
  • A0304 from Khovd to Mankhan (76 km)
  • A14 from Mankhan to Bulgan (305 km)
  • A14 from Bulgan to the border with China near Yarantai (47 km)[6]


China–Pakistan border, Khunjerab Pass


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