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Asian Highway 4 shield

Asian Highway 4
Picture of Checkpoint building over AH4 at China/Pakistan border near Khunjerab Pass
Border Checkpoint building across AH4 near Khunjerab Pass
Major junctions
North endNovosibirsk, Russia
South endKarachi, Pakistan
CountriesRussia, Mongolia, China, Pakistan
Highway system
Asian Highway Network
Tabliczka AH3.svg AH3Tabliczka AH5.svg AH5

Asian Highway 4 (AH4) is a route of the Asian Highway Network which runs 6,024 km (3,743 mi) from Novosibirsk, Russia (on AH6) via Ürümqi, China (on AH5) to Karachi, Pakistan (on AH7).[1][2][3][4]

Associated routes[edit]



  • A0306 from the border with Russia near Ulaanbaishint to Ölgii (97 km)
  • A0305 from Ölgii to Khovd (178 km)
  • A0304 from Khovd to Mankhan (76 km)
  • A14 from Mankhan to Bulgan (305 km)
  • A14 from Bulgan to the border with China near Yarantai (47 km)[6]


China–Pakistan border, Khunjerab Pass


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