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As a specialized company in mobile video services, Ahiku Corp. develops live broadcasting platform and service that help people communicate more efficiently, and it also provides a new concept of video service that combines social network services.

The company was established in July 2009 by Naru Kim (CEO), Jins Kim (CTO) and Is Koo (CDO).



Jun Grand Prize winner in the OZ Mobile Content Competition
Sep Accepted into the Neoply Incubation Program, operated by Neowiz


Jun IVA test service of the Drama, 'The Alien-team of Fear' at Mgoon Drama Theater
Joint Venture Agreement with Gangwon Technology Holdings
Member of Microsoft BizSpark Project
Jul Ahiku Corp. is established
Aug Finalist in the Mobile Contents 2009 Awards;
Oct Ahiku Corp. receives Venture Enterprise Certification from the government of Korea


Mar [SBS Hahamong Show] Apply the first real-time Social-Interactive TV Application
Apr [M.net KimJaeDong Show] Support the Live Broadcasting
Jun Release iPhone Application & open Web Service
Aug Support the Press Conference of MBC Drama Production, 'Naughty Kiss' - Facebook Live Broadcasting
Support the New Car Launching Event of GM DAEWOO, ‘Alpeon’
Sep The Social Launching Show of KIA Forte, ‘GDi’
Support the Launching Event of KT iPhone 4
Nov LGU+ Facebook Press Conference
Support the Live Broadcasting of KBS Radio Book-Concert
Support the Press Conference of SBS Athena Drama Production


Jan Open the Ollehonair
Mar Release the iPhone Viewing Application
[KBS ’Hello' Show] The first broadcasting onair through Ollehonair
Apr Support the Live Broadcasting about 'Plans about fair taxation and extermination of chronic tax dodgers' from the Office of the Prime Minister's Press Secretary
Support the Enterprise Social Communication Summit 2011
May Having a Facetime with the famous actress, Hyejin Han
Participate and Support Live Broadcasting of WORLD IT SHOW 2011
Jun Support Live Office of the Prime Minister's Press
Jul Support 2011 JISAN VALLY Rock Festival
Support 2011 JISAN VALLY Rock Festival
Sep Attend SF TechCrunch Disrupt
Oct Support the 35th Seoul Mayor's Inauguration


Mar Attend SF Launch Festival
Apr Attend Echelon
Aug KoFounder Lab (in Silicon Valley) Top 5
Nov Startup Springboard (in Silicon Vally) Grand Prize
Launch Recood Free Version
Dec the 3rd Super App Korea Grand Prize


Mar Participate in SXSW(South by South West) Trade Show


RECOOD is a new video recording application to instantly and easily record and share the experiences of their lives directly from their smartphone any time from any location. Also Recood characterized as “an Instagram for videos”. 'It should be simple and beautiful.' is a fundamental concept of Recood. Also we planned to add analogue sensibility rather than digital.


This is a live broadcasting service using a webcam or iPhone integrated with Twitter’s API. It has been replaced by Ollehonair since January 2011.

olleh onair (Korean)[edit]

The olleh onair is a service performed in collaboration with KT. It consists in several iPhone/Android apps and a website. It enables broadcasting and watching live/VOD from web without any installation. The user can broadcast and record on a server at the same time. The application is linked to various social networks, so that the user can share videos with friends.

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