AH Basic

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AH Basic
Founded 2013
Founder Ahold
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Area served
Germany (AH To Go)
Owner Ahold
Website ahold.com

AH Basic is a discount brand of everyday commodities developed, marketed and introduced by the Ahold group, to replace the Euro Shopper discount brand in all Albert Heijn stores in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands from April 2013 to 2014.


Countries in which AH Basic is active in 2013.

In April 2013, Ahold was not satisfied with the quality of the Euro Shopper brand which was introduced by the Sourcing AMS group in 1995. Ahold promises a better quality and price for their Dutch and Belgian customers under the new AH Basic brand.[1][2]

ICA AB has also announced to phase out Euro Shopper branded products replacing them with their own brand ICA Basic for Sweden.[3]

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