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Aida is an opera by Giuseppe Verdi.

Aida or AIDA may also refer to:


  • Aida (given name), a female given name (including a list of persons with the name)
  • Aida (surname), a Japanese surname (including a list of persons with the name)
  • Miriam Aïda (born 1974), Swedish jazz singer
  • Tita Aida, American activist and advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness


In computer science[edit]

  • AIDA64, computer software that provides information on hardware
  • AIDA32, computer software that provides information on hardware
  • AIDA (computing), a set of defined interfaces and formats for representing common data analysis objects, primarily used by researchers in high-energy particle physics
  • AIDA/Web, a Smalltalk open source web application framework

In fiction[edit]

  • Aida, a character from The Cairo Trilogy', by Naquib Mahfouz
  • AIDA (.hack), Artificially Intelligent Data Anomalies, fictional AIs in the .hack franchise
  • Aida, one of the protagonists in the 2003 video game Unreal II: The Awakening
  • Aida, one of the playable maps in the MMORPG Mu Online

Movies and television[edit]



Other uses[edit]

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  • Aida Al-Khashef
  • Aida Touma-Sliman
  • AIDA Hellas, a Greek non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of Free Diving, officially established in 2002
  • After Aida, a 1985 play-with-music by Julian Mitchell
  • Aida discography
  • Ask Aida, an interactive cooking show on the Food Network hosted by Aida Mollenkamp
  • Celeste Aida, a romanza from the first act of the opera Aida, by Giuseppe Verdi
  • Fascinating Aïda, a British comedy singing group and satirical cabaret act founded in March 1983
  • Men in Aida, a homophonic translation of Book One of Homer's Iliad into a farcical bathhouse scenario, perhaps alluding to the homoerotic aspects of ancient Greek culture
  • Aida Ward, an American jazz singer