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AIDA Cruises
HeadquartersRostock, Germany

AIDA Cruises is an American/British-owned German cruise line based in Rostock, Germany. The company was founded as Deutsche Seereederei (German Shipping Company) with a ship called Völkerfreundschaft ("Peoples' Friendship"), and entered the cruise industry in the 1960s.[1]

After the reunification of Germany in the early 1990's Deutsche Seereederei was privatised and became DSR. DSR acquired Seetours of Bremen and cruises were marketed under the Seetours brand.[2]

The company was acquired by P&O Princess Cruises in 2000.[1][3] In 2003, P&O Princess merged with Carnival Corporation, to form Carnival Corporation & plc, the worlds largest cruise holiday company. Seetours was rebranded as AIDA Cruises in 2004.[4]

Following the merger, executive control of AIDA Cruises transferred to Costa Cruises Group,[5][6] one of the main operating companies of the Carnival Group, with responsibility for the group's European brands.

AIDA Cruises is now one of ten brands owned by Carnival Corp, based at Miami, Florida, accounting for 6.5% of its share of revenue[7] and has its own executive team, led by company President Felix Eichhorn.[8][9] AIDA ships cater to the German-speaking market. As seagoing "club resorts", AIDA ships have on-board amenities and facilities designed to attract younger, more active vacationers.[10]

In October 2017, AIDAcara departed from Hamburg on the company's first round-the-world cruise. After a 116-day sailing, the ship returned to Hamburg on 10 February 2018.[11] The ship visited Southampton, Lisbon, Madeira, Rio de Janeiro, Ushuaia, Easter Island, Tahiti, Singapore, the Maldives, and many other destinations.[12]

AIDAaura took the company's second World Cruise in fall 2018. On 8 October 2018, the ship departed from Hamburg on a 117-day voyage visiting 41 ports in 20 countries on four continents.[13] During this voyage, AIDAaura became the company's first ship to visit several destinations including South Africa, Namibia, Melbourne, Tasmania, Fiji, Samoa and New Caledonia.[14]


Current fleet[edit]

Ship Built Builder Entered Service for AIDA Gross Tonnage Flag Notes Image
AIDAcara 1996 Kvaerner Masa-Yards (Finland) 1996–Present 38,531 tons  Italy Previously AIDA 0906 Kreuzfahrt Norwegen 1937.jpg
AIDAvita 2002 Aker MTW 2002–Present 42,289 tons  Italy AIDAvita at Pier 25 in Tallinn 18 September 2016.jpg
AIDAaura 2003 Aker MTW 2003–Present 42,289 tons  Italy Malta-Aida.JPG
AIDAdiva 2007 Meyer Werft 2007–Present 69,203 tons  Italy AIDAdiva in Kiel.jpg
AIDAbella 2008 Meyer Werft 2008–Present 69,203 tons  Italy AIDA bella Meyer Werft.JPG
AIDAluna 2009 Meyer Werft 2009–Present 69,203 tons  Italy AIDAluna 06.jpg
AIDAblu 2010 Meyer Werft 2010–Present 71,300 tons  Italy The name has been used for a former AIDA ship from 2004–2007. 2011-03-05 03-13 Madeira 130 Funchal, Hafen.jpg
AIDAsol 2011 Meyer Werft 2011–Present 71,300 tons  Italy AIDAsol at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (13293579675).jpg
AIDAmar 2012 Meyer Werft 2012–Present 71,300 tons  Italy AIDAmar at Pier 24 in Port of Tallinn 17 August 2015.JPG
AIDAstella 2013 Meyer Werft 2013–Present 71,304 tons  Italy AIDAstella, 6.jpg
AIDAprima 2016 Mitsubishi 2016–Present 125,572 tons  Italy Ship Delivered in March, began Operating April 25[15] AIDAprima 2016-04a.jpg
AIDAperla 2017 Mitsubishi 2017–Present 125,572 tons  Italy Ship Delivered in April, began Operating May 28 AIDAperla (39028672710).jpg
AIDAnova 2018 Meyer Werft 2018-Present 180,000 tons  Italy AIDA's largest ship ever, planned with 6600 passengers. AIDAnova in the Eemshaven - 2.JPG

Future ships[edit]

Ship Delivery Builder Gross Tonnage Planned flag Notes Image
AIDAmira December 2019 Chantiers de l'Atlantique 48,200 tons  Italy Currently sailing as Costa neoRiviera.
Unnamed 2021 Meyer Werft 180,000 tons  Italy
Unnamed 2023 Meyer Werft 180,000 tons  Italy


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