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Manufacturer Automotive Industries Limited
Body and chassis
Class multipurpose high-performance 4x4 military vehicle

The M462 (Abir) is a 4x4 military vehicle in service with the Israel Defense Forces, developed by Automotive Industries Ltd. as a replacement for the M325.


The M462 can carry 13 troops or a cargo of 1800 kg. The M462 can be fitted with 1 forward machine gun and a side machine gun.


Abir Rhino APC
  • M462 Abir: standard model.
  • M462 ATGM Portee: with BGM-71 TOW.
  • M462 M40A2 Portee: with M40A2 106mm recoilless rifle.
  • M462 Rhino: a 4x4 armoured vehicle based on the M462, used for high risk area patrol, riot control, special operations, and command post.
  • M462 Fire: bush fire engine.
  • M462 Ambulance: military ambulance, 4 litter cases or 8 sitting patients.


Map with Abir operators in blue

Current operators[edit]

Colombian Army AIL Abir.