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AIM Tell-A-Vision, also known as AIM TV, is a New York City based television syndication and production company founded by media entrepreneur and former Univision Sales Executive Robert G. Rose.

AIM TV is most notable for being the first company to successfully produce and distribute English language television programming targeted to U.S. born Latinos (Over 60% of all U.S. Latinos) and for fighting the previously established notion that most Latinos in the U.S. preferred imported Spanish-language television programming.

Nationally syndicated TV programs include American Latino TV,[1] LatiNation[2] as well as The American Latino TV Awards. In January 2008, AIM TV sold the Hispanic syndication division to Los Angeles based LATV Networks,[3] where the company continues to operate as American Latino Syndication.

AIM TV developed several music and television projects including "Punktology", a documentary about Latin American punk rock, "Raw Travel" a travel series, and "Punk Outlaw Records", a record label focused on importing punk music from outside of the U.S.

AIM TV Group's currently is the producer of Raw Travel, a syndicated travel television series that airs in over 115 cities in the United States and in several countries.


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