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AI Challenge

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The AI Challenge was an international artificial intelligence programming contest started by the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club.

Initially the contest was for University of Waterloo students only. In 2010, the contest gained sponsorship from Google and allowed it to extend to international students and the general public.



Each participant wrote a self-contained computer program to play a game versus an opponent, and then uploaded the source code to a server. The contest engine used the Trueskill ranking algorithm for matchmaking and to generate the rankings.

The contest was open source.[1] Contestants were welcomed to improve the contest back-end.


Contest Theme Winner
2009/Fall Rock Paper Scissors amstan
2010/Spring Tron Lightcycles[2][3] a1k0n (Andy Sloane)[4]
2010/Fall Planet Wars[5] Bocsimackó (Gábor Melis)[6][7]
2011/Fall Ants[8] xathis (Mathis Lichtenberger)[9][10]

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