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AJ, Aj, aJ, or aj may refer to:


  • AJ Alexander, American model and Playboy Playmate
  • A. J. Balaban (1889–1962), co-founder of Balaban and Katz
  • A. J. Allmendinger (born 1981), American race car driver
  • A. J. Burnett (born 1977), American Major League Baseball pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • A. J. Calloway (born 1974), American television personality
  • A. J. Cook (actress), a Canadian actress
  • A. J. Croce (born 1971), American singer and songwriter
  • A. J. Cronin (1896–1981), Scottish novelist
  • A. J. Foyt (born 1935), American race car driver
  • A.J. Gibson (architect) (1862–1927), American architect
  • A. J. Haglund (born 1983), American football player
  • A. J. Hawk (born 1984), American football linebacker for the Green Bay Packers
  • Andrew Jackson (1767–1845), American general and politician, seventh President of the United States
  • A. J. Jacobs (born 1968), American journalist and author
  • Ananta Jalil, Bangladeshi actor
  • Adrienne Janic (born 1974), American actress and television host
  • Anthony Joshua (born 1989), British professional boxer
  • AJ Junior, real name Achraf Janussi, songwriter
  • Andrew Johnson (1808–1875), U.S. Senator from Tennessee, 17th president of the U.S.
  • Lee Gi-kwang "AJ" (born 1990), South Korean entertainer
  • A. J. McLean (born 1978), American singer and member of the band Backstreet Boys
  • AJ Lee (born 1987), ring name for April Jeanette Mendez, an American professional wrestler
  • AJ Michalka (born 1991), American actress and musician
  • A. J. Pero (1959–2015), American drummer of the band Twisted Sister
  • A. J. Pierzynski (born 1976), Major League Baseball catcher for the Chicago White Sox
  • A. J. Price (born 1986), NBA basketball player
  • A.J. Styles (born 1977), ring name for Allen Jones, an American professional wrestler
  • A. J. Weberman (born 1945), garbologist, Dylanologist, Yippie and CIA historian
  • Jill Price (born 1965), the first diagnosed hyperthymestic, originally identified as "AJ"



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  • Adherens junction, cell-cell junctions between neighboring cells
  • aJ, attojoule, a unit of energy equal to 10−18 joules in the International System of Units

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