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AK-9 Assault rifle.jpg
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Russia
Service history
Used by

SyriaSyrian army

Wars Syrian civil war[citation needed]
Production history
Designer Izhmash
Designed Early 2000s
Manufacturer Izhmash
Weight 3.8 kg (8.38 lb)
Length 881 mm (34.7 in)
(with suppressor)
Barrel length 200 mm (7.9 in)

Cartridge 9×39mm
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 750-800
Effective firing range about 400 meters
Feed system 20-round detachable box magazine
Sights Iron sights or telescopic sight

The AK-9 is a Russian fully automatic assault rifle chambered for the 9×39mm subsonic cartridge. It is one of the latest models of the popular Kalashnikov rifle series. It is based on the "100" series Kalashnikov assault rifles. The AK-9 appears to be a competitor to the AS Val and 9A-91, which have already seen Russian military and police service.


In 2006, Russian authorities wanted the Izhmash factory to design a rifle with Kalashnikov properties, but suitable to be used in special operations. Factory manager Vladimir Grodetsky stated that the rifle was for special forces for anti-terrorist operations. Alexei Dragunov, one of the designers of the AK-9, says "It shoots virtually without a sound and it can go through a bullet-proof vest". The AK-9 is also lighter than earlier Kalashnikov models.

From the Vladimir Zlobin interview in February 2013:

We are working on an entire line of various small arms based on the AK-12. These would be submachine guns and compact assault rifles, automatic carbines and hand-held machine guns. On the basic AK-12 platform a series of special-purpose weapons is being developed. For example, the AK-9 was transferred to this platform. The weapons are going to be tested this spring.[1]


The AK-9 is based on the so-called "hundred series" of Kalashnikov assault rifles, such as the AK-104, but with certain improvements. It features the same tried and proven gas operated, rotary bolt action and same "Kalashnikov-style" controls including reciprocating bolt handle, safety/fire selector lever and overall layout with side-folding polymer buttstock. Polymer furniture is improved with the addition of accessory Picatinny rails on the bottom of the forend, and the left side of receiver is fitted with Russian-standard scope rail. The barrel can be fitted with a specially designed quick-detach silencer (sound moderator), which is especially effective with 9x39 subsonic ammunition. The magazine is made of black polymer, holds 20 rounds of ammunition and appears to be of proprietary design, not compatible with other (competing) weapons of the same caliber, which are already in service with Russian military and law enforcement.


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