AKD Investment

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AKD Investment
Industry Financial services
Founded 2004
Headquarters Karachi, Pakistan
Area served
Services Fund Management
Website www.akdsecurities.net

AKD Investment Management Limited (AKDIML) is the investment management firm under umbrella of AKD Group. AKD Investment was established in September 2004.[1] The firm focuses on investment management, managing mutual funds and discretionary management of institutional portfolios.[2][3][4][5]

Financial Summary[edit]

AKD Investment has announced 5th interim dividend payout of Re. 0.35083 per unit for AKD Cash Fund. The payouts will be disbursed as Bonus units.[6]

Gwadar Port Operations[edit]

The company is partnered with Port of Singapore Authority for operations and management of Gwadar Port. Operations of the Gwadar Port by the Port of Singapore Authority International (PSAI) were delayed. The port was officially inaugurated in 2007. According to the concession PSAI was to look after cargo handling, provide marine services and develop an export processing zone in partnership with AKD investments.[7] AKD Investment has also to develop an industrial estate in the port area.[8]

Shariah-compliant mutual funds[edit]

To come up with Halal Solutions provided by investment management firms, AKD investment has collaborated with Meezan Bank Limited. AKD Investment and Meezan bank have signed an agreement, according to which Meezan will provide technical services and support for Shariah-compliant mutual funds to be launched by AKD.[9]

HUM TV Network[edit]

AKD Investments has investments in HUM TV Network.[10]