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AKVA group ASA
Traded as OSE: AKVA
Industry Aquaculture
Founded 2006
Headquarters Bryne, Norway
Key people
Knut Molaug (CEO)
Steven A. Morrell (chair)
Products Cages, software
Website www.akvagroup.com

AKVA group ASA is a Norwegian manufacturing company of appliances for aquaculture, namely steel and plastic cages, and feeding software. Based in Bryne, it has operations in eight countries and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company was created in 2006 as a merger between AKVAsmart, Helgeland Plast and Wavemaster.


Fishtalk is a production control system for fish farms. Development started in 1985 by Olav Jamtøy's company Marinet. It changed its name to Superior Systems in 1996, and merged with Akva AS and Aquasmart International in 2001, creating AKVAsmart ASA. The Fishtalk platform was launched in 2005, and was merged into AKVA Group the following year.[1]

AkvaControl is a fish feeding software solution. Development started in 1980, by Ole Molaug, Sveinung Havrevold, Gunnar Kluge and Odd Skjæveland. In 1995 it established itself in Canada, and launched a doppler pellet sensor in 1997. It bought Vicas biomass estimation system in 2002, Feeding Systems AS in 2003, CameraTech in 2004 and merged into the AKVA group in 2006.[2]

Polarcirkel is a brand of plastic cages for aquaculture. It was established as Helgeland Plast in 1971, and made the world's first plastic fish farming cage in 1974. It built the world's first HDPE RIB work boat in 1987 and has since built 30,000 cages and 1,000 boats. It merged into the AKVA group in 2006.[3]

Wavemaster is a brand of steel cages for aquaculture. It was established in Ireland by Terry Nolan in 1985, and merged into the AKVA group in 2006. 7,250 cages have been sold.[4]


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