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Al Murtaza School
المرتضی اسکول
Pakistan Pakistan
Religious affiliation(s) Islam
Established 1982
Principal Tasneem Shabbar
Age 3 to 15
Student to teacher ratio 12 pre-primary/junior branches
15 senior branches
Language Urdu and English
Affiliation Aga khan university and examination board

Al-Murtaza School (Urdu: المرتضی اسکول) is a school in Karachi, Pakistan.


Al-Murtaza School was established in 1982 in a rented building with 50 students. Today, it has grown to encompass a pre-primary, a junior branch, a senior boys branch and a senior girls branch comprising about 2500 students. Al-Murtaza School is affiliated to Aga Khan University and Examination Board.[1]


The schools are built on UNESCO specifications for educational institutions, with classrooms, libraries and science laboratories and an auditorium with a capacity of 350 persons. Computer Laboratories exist in all four branches with Internet facilities.[2]

School clinic[edit]

The school provides medical facilities to all students. A sickroom has been established to meet any emergency and administer first aid to the students. Medical doctor and a trained assistant are present during school hours. An annual checkup system has been introduced.

Current situation[edit]

School has maintained its security by allotting guards to watch each and every person passing through Al-Murtaza School in all branches


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